April Pose of the Month 2016

                                                                 April Pose of the Month 2016                                                                  

                                                                        Pincha Mayurasana
                                                                           Forearm Balance

If your wondering where to begin for this pose ? building strength and flexibility in the shoulders is a must, finding a moment to turn the world upside, changing your center of gravity, and breathing into a sense of light heartedness are all a important. Remember in asana, as in the many aspects of life, laying the proper groundwork is crucial to the quality and success of the outcome.

Let’s Practice:

1. Begin in Dolphin
2. Walk your feet in toward your elbows as much as you can without collapsing into your shoulders.
3. Keep your shoulders above your elbows and lift your dominant leg straight up in the air.
4. Bend your other knee and push upward to stack your hips over your shoulders.
5. Bring both legs up together as you extend them straight up.
6. Keep your gaze slightly forward (toward the floor) to protect your neck.
7. Slow and controlled come down or continue on into scorpion.

For Scorpion
8. From Forearm balance soften your chest muscles and shift your upper chest forward through the gateway of your arms as you simultaneously bend both of your knees.
9. Keep your knees hip width apart and the insides of your feet touching.
10. Extend your gaze and lift your chin as you lower your feet by engaging your hamstrings to bend your knees further.
11. Balance the extension of your chest with the bend in your knees to help you maintain your balance.
12. Slow and controlled come down and rest in child’s pose.

If your practicing forearm balance for the first time it is best to be at the wall. So have fun and be patient, focus and have courage in your self to master this pose. Working with a yoga practitioner is a great way to enhance your practice too.

Strengthens the shoulders
Brings circulation to the face, neck, and brain
Energizes and increases stamina
Energizes All Chakras

Contraindications for those with neck or shoulder pain, high blood pressure and heart disease.