December Pose of the Month 2015

December Pose of the Month 2015

Half Moon Balance

Ardha = Half

Chandra = Moon

Combining Balance and Strength, this pose has a flare of cool radiance of the moon in the midst of the heat of active standing postures.

IMG 0165

It is not how  far you move into a pose but how deeply you feel the pose that you are in ~Anodea Judith


Let’s Practice:

1.  Start in Mountain Tadasana Pose.  Step your feet about 3 1/2 ft apart.  Take your legs into Extended Triangle pose and lift your arms to the side.

2.  Starting on the left side, (the side your heart is on)  bend slightly in your left knee and place your fingers on the floor just beyond and to the side of your toes.

3.  Inhale and exhale as you move your torso up, out and over your foot.

4.  Straighten your left leg and lift your right leg so it is horizontal to the floor.

5.  Think of the back leg as the source of stability – your anchor – in the pose.  This will allow you to rotate your trunk upward and open up more.

6.  Continue to breathe normally  and hold the pose for several breaths.

7.  Come out of the pose to Mountain Pose Tadasana and repeat to the other side.


Improves balance 

Stretches the hamstring muscles 

Increases flexibility in the hip joints

Strengthens your front thigh muscles

Stretches out your back

Builds confidence

Energizes Chakras 1,2,3 and 6


Use modifications until enough strength and balance have been developed to keep proper alighnment.