December Pose of the Month 2016

                                          December Pose of the Month 2016

                                                  Utplutih – Sprung Up Pose

This pose is all about determination, no matter how much you want to come down.  This pose uses the power of the charged inner body to sing upwards both physically and energetically.

 IMG 1451

Let’s Practice:

  1. Begin in Padmasana pose.  Place your hands on the floor, with your fingers spread apart in front of your pelvis and about mid thigh.  
  2. Draw your abdomen in strongly and engage your pelvic floor to lift your knees into your chest. 
  3. Inhale as you lean forward into the foundation of the arms.
  4. Press firmly into the arms, engage the legs, draw your abdomen further in.
  5. Keep your breathing slow, steady and deep.
  6. If you cant lift your pelvis off the ground, simply raise your knees into your chest and push your arms into the ground.
  7. Lean forward into the arms.
  8. After ten breaths, jump back into chaturanga and finish your Vinyasa.