February Pose of the Month 2016

February Pose of the month 2016

Spinal Balance

This pose develops awareness, heat and stability because it is challenging to balance. Many students come to yoga because they are seeking strength, balance, flexibility, stress relief, etc.
My hope is that you will practice yoga in a way that brings healing, transformation, lightness & fun to your mat.

If you are experiencing any discomfort please modify or try this when you feel ready and intent. Spinal balance is challenging so breath, while your connecting within. This pose will help you prepare for an amazing practice because it takes you within, reconnects you with your gut instincts. Feel ~ Breathe ~ Practice

Stabilizes the spine and pelvis
Strengthens the low back & abdominal muscles
Engages uddiyana bandha & mula bandha
Tones determination

Those with back, neck, shoulder, wrist, elbow, knee or shoulder pain should modify