Fitness, Flexibility, and Friendship

Working out empowers us in many ways. In our busy world of kids, carpools and work, we creatively squeeze in workout time whenever we can. Also finding time for friends, gets tricky. These days our workouts and social circles often overlap.

You’ve seen them- groups of runners, or cyclists at local coffee shops and Yoga friends sharing laughs over a protein shake. I have observed after teaching a class, people feel good, they’re more open to talking and to relationships, so that fuels frienship.

Benefits for you:

 * Working out can help lift your mood.

*  Stimulates brain chemicals leaving you feeling more relaxed.

*  Boosts confidence and improves self-esteem.

If we all take time to care for ourselves and others, we create healthy relationships. When we have the same feelings about being healthy it creates a bond. Being fit has many rewards. Yoga helps people become more of a positive person. It brings peace and serenity every time you practice. If you have a stressful day, kids pushing your buttons, or feeling overworked take time to find balance. Finding a workout that relieves stress and restores your soul is a good thing. Fitness, Flexibility, and Frienship brings harmony and longevity to your life.