Healing Energy through Self Expression

CharkasOver the last month, I have been studying about the Chakra’s in my yoga training.  I find them fascinating and a healing part of the journey. The throat chakra, also known as the fifth chakra, is associated with the color sky-blue.  As a Mom, Teacher and all the other roles and responsibilities in this world, I find myself using my voice to express and speak from truth all the time. Sometimes, it can be tricky when faced with obstacles and easy when days have no surprises.   I have found some helpful  insights to share and develop the throat chakra in the most truthful manner.

 When we live in truth, there is a resonant continuity between ourselves and others.  When this gets interrupted, we experience discontinuity.  Perpetual discontinuity breaks down our health.  Our bodies need to be running smoothly, just as an engine needs all its vibrating parts to be coordinated smoothly.  This allows growth, harmony and grace, creating good Karma. The voice is such a blessing because we connect to each other sharing our inner self with others. Self expression is a gateway between the inner world and the outer world. The voice is a vehicle which the mind uses for its manifestations. “It is the womb impregnated with the seed of ideas.” says  Laurel Elizabeth Keyes

All life is rhythmic. From the rise and fall of the sun to the rise and fall of our breath, from the beating of our heart to the infinite vibrations that miraculously resonate together as a single system. Our ability to function as ourselves depends on the coherent resonance of the vibrations, and the energy within us. That means we create energy through our thoughts, feelings, actions and spirit.  The throat chakra has the ability to enhance this resonance. To speak in the most truthful way is beautiful. It’s simple, just be your genuine self, in every moment of your life.

Living in truth allows us to speak from the heart. It’s a natural energy that resonates and allows connection. Trust in your heart; for it’s the wellspring of life. By allowing your voice the freedom from judgement of others to speak the truth gives life much purpose, contentment and joy. Allow truth, passion and full expression of self to guide your life. Each of us has the power to give life meaning. To make our time, our bodies and our words into instruments of love and hope.

For more information on Chakra 5 visit this link http://healing.about.com/cs/chakras/a/chakra5.htm