June Pose of the month 2016

   June Pose of the Month 2016

  Incline Plank Pursvottanasana

Purva – eastern side ( front side of the body)

Uttana – intense

Asana – posture

This pose is great for building strength and opening up the front side of the body.  Focus on breathing into the heart center.  Feeling a sense of freedom and openness and breath deeply so its audible.

Let’s Practice:

  1. Start in Staff pose and place the hands on the floor behind the waist a few inches 
  2. lift the legs and  torso entirely off the floor and press the soles of the feet into the floor
  3. lowering the head back and making the body firm and hold while inhaling and exhaling
  4. release and sit for a rest and try it again


  • Purifies and strengthens the heart, spinal column, and waist
  • Activates chakras 1,2,3,4,5 and 6


  • Wrist problems 
  • Shoulder problems
  • Neck pain


One leg bent at the knee, the other leg extended straight out.