November Pose of the Month 2015

November Pose of the Month 2015

Malasana ~ Squat Pose ~Hip Opener




Leanne Hutcherson 184 BW 2 

It’s hard to find a place we’ve never been to.  Learn what it feels like to be centered.  Know your center is in you.  Then go there often.  Says Melody Beattie

Let’s Practice:

1. Begin in Staff (Dandasana pose)  with the body centered, maintaining good posture.

2.  Bend the knees and draw the feet up towards the groins as the knees drop out to the sides.  The feet should be about 6 inches apart.  

3.  Engage Mulabandha (urinary muscles) and press the thighs out diagonally from the body, lengthening out from the hip to the kness.

4.  Lift the rib cage out of the hips and relax the shoulder blades down.

5.  Smile and listen for your ocean like sound of the breath.

6.  Press the elbows gently onto the inner thighs, spreading the thighs outward.  

7.  Lift the heart and lengthen through the spine.

8.  Sense a balance of harmony and ease between the activation of the bandhas and surrender toward the earth as you relax into the pose.  Multi tasking inside,  breathing and engaging the bandhas.


Opens the hip joints in abduction and flexion

Good for digestion and elimination

Opens the main energy channels along the spine and directs energy upward

Energizes the 1 and 2nd chakras


Those with knee, hip or low back pain may require modification

Those with inguinal hernia