Yoga for Weight Loss

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Yoga can be a great tool for anyone trying to shed a few pounds. It doesn’t take the place of cardiovascular exercise but teaches the mind body connection which benefits how we look at ourselves. When our mind is set with healthy intentions the body follows. In Yoga practice the postures allow the central nervous system to de-stress which reduces cortisol levels. In my experience with students it is impossible to lose weight when cortisol levels are going crazy because of eating habits and stressful lifestyles. When cortisol is regulated through diet and yoga practice the metabolism functions more efficiently and weight lose is achieved.

In yoga practice intentions are set which develop good habits on and off the mat. It is said “that the efficacy of our food determines the efficacy of our digestion.” The old adage “garbage in, garbage out,” applies here. Many illnesses and diseases are rooted in the food we ingest and the body’s ability to digest, absorb and eliminate properly.

Pranayama helps purify the body. The breath purifies our bodies. On the inhale oxygen is brought into the body and when exhaling toxins are released, including chemicals from processed foods, air, stress, and emotions.

The yoga approach to weight loss is different in that it is holistic and healthy. Your body is a temple and in yoga it is treated with good care and intention. The poses strengthen, balance and create flexibility in the body. Meditation is a tool for weight loss too. It is medicine for the mind. It helps make the mind attentive to yourself and your surroundings to such a degree that it remains peaceful and happy even when going through a change or adverse conditions.

It maybe time to look into yoga for weight loss, simply practicing a disciple that encompass the entire body and brings healing, balance and longevity is a good thing. When consistently aiming to eat and live healthy your body transforms. As one of my teachers says ” yoga is the discipline of consistency.”

See you on the mat!