Integrative Dentistry

EAV or Electroacupuncture According to Voll is an ingenious testing method that has been used over 60 years in Germany, France, England and Canada by over 25,000 medical practitioners and is gaining prominence in the United States. Based on forty years of research, Dr. Reinhard Voll, the father of electrodermal screening, which is now referred to as electroacupuncture, estimated that eighty percent of all illness is related to decay in the mouth.1

EDS ~ Electrodermal Screening offers a quick, non-invasive method of screening for health and energy imbalances. It is an energetic evaluation of an individual and provides invaluable general assessment of a patient’s state of health. It is a powerful tool for biofeedback, remedy and dental material selection, as well as for evaluating tooth and gum complications and jaw infections that contribute to health conditions.

Holistic Dental Care

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