First Line Therapy Program

Wholistic Health and Wellness Care

First Line Therapy is a therapeutic lifestyle change that encompasses balanced eating, regular exercise, stress management, educational tools and nutritional supplements. Therapeutic lifestyle changes should be used as the primary therapy for elevated cholesterol, blood pressure, Periodontal disease, Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, obesity, osteoporosis and conditions related to aging. As Hippocrates says, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

More than a weight loss program…

First Line Therapy is not focused on weight loss, it is more comprehensive than that. The FLT program works because it addresses the ROOT causes of disease and obesity such as unhealthy body composition (lean mass to fat mass ratio), insulin resistance, hormone imbalance, emotions, inflammation, and other nutritional deficiencies.

Low Glycemic Load Diet

Research has shown that low-glycemic diets are more effective than low fat diets in treating obesity,  insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease, and Type 2 Diabetes. By using a low glycemic load diet patients report less hunger, more energy, and higher compliance compared with low fat diets.

Incorporates Medical Foods and Nutraceuticals

Although it is not mandatory for the program and thus is not included in the program price, First Line Therapy was designed to incorporate medical foods and nutraceuticals to help address the unique nutritional needs of patients with specific health problems.

Structured with Professional Supervision to Help You:

Establish realistic, personalized goals Monitor your progress and help you stay on track Exercise in a way that builds muscle and gets rid of unwanted fat Relax and transform unhealthy stress Feel your BEST.

Evidence-Based Clinical Studies

Most diet plans lack clinical evidence of efficacy. First Line Therapy has scientific controlled studies documenting the efficacy of our program.