Mind-Body Wellness

Natural healing addresses physical, chemical, spiritual and emotional stressors. The emotions makeup ones personality, attitudes and habits which affects wellness. According to Dr. Klinghardt, “all life events are stored in the mental field. Unresolved issues can create permanent disturbance in the field. When we experience trauma early or later in life, at a time when we don’t have the internal resources to process them, they are stored within the unconscious where they will often continue to exert effects on our bodies and behavior. ” This hinders living in the present with repeated cycles of living in the past or worrying about the future causing unhealthy outcomes and manifestations of illness if left untreated.

Flower Essence aid in healing the body from emotional imbalance, stored emotions, stress and much more. The purpose of Flower Essence, is to support the person’s fight against illness by addressing imbalances, and emotional factors. They work directly on the emotional imbalance and indirectly on the physical issue if it is caused by an emotional imbalance. Emotional release is not a side effect; it is a direct effect. When negative emotions are released it influences the body in a positive way, bringing emotional wellness in the mind, body and soul.