Bio Compatibility Testing

The purpose of biocompatibility testing prior to dental treatment is to select the materials that are the least immune challenging, and then continue with the chosen materials, with your oral health needs.  The body is constantly exposed to harm from bacteria, viruses, and everyday stress. 

The goal is to reduce additional stressors and optimize immunity and have patients feel their best. By doing this patients ensure quality improving immunity, promoting healing and homeostasis in overall health.

Dental Material Compatibility Testing

We recommend material compatibility testing for patients prior to dental treatment, to rule out allergies, chemical sensitivities and ensure that the materials selected for the patient are biocompatible with their biochemistry. 

We have a variety of testing techniques to determine what materials are compatible, or not, with your body.   All materials that will be used during a patient’s treatment including anesthetics, can be tested, including materials for filings, crowns and bridges, dentures, implants.

EAV Testing

A less invasive and faster way of biocompatibility testing is by EAV testing, or Electro Acupuncture according to Voll. This type of testing uses energy to provide a general assessment of one’s health, as well as, compatibility with certain materials. EAV does this by indirectly measuring meridians or “energetic systems” which are believed to be communication pathways throughout the entire body.

For this test, patients will hold a brass rod in one hand while holding a stylus in the other. Energy is sent through the body to locate the meridian points while transferring the information gathered to a computer. This process not only provides immediate results, but is painless.