Cavitation & Dental Infection Testing

Cavitation of the Jaw

Cavitations are referred to as a “hole in the jaw bone” or osteonecrosis.  They are described as involving  pathological changes in the bone tissue related to impaired blood flow (ischemia).  Since cavitations don’t always appear on X-Rays, we recommend EAV- Electroacupuncture according to Voll to identify if an infection is present in the jaw bone.  Cavitations can be often overlooked because they are not all painful.  Cavitations can block the body’s energy meridians. Such blockages and their locations can be revealed through Electro-dermal Screening.

Root Canal Toxicity

In Biological Dentistry, root canals are not suggested treatment solutions.  We treat patients with root canaled teeth to detect if an infection is in the meridian and offer a treatment plan to restore the tooth.  The EDS- Electrodermal Screening will test the meridian for infection and identify bacteria.  Root canaled teeth are referred to as “necrotic teeth” as they no longer have an active blood supply and are essentially dead.