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Thank you Dr. Leanne for doing what no other doctors have been able to do. Helping me with my methylation cycle, and improving my immunity, and the quality of my life: mind, body and soul.

Owen O., McKinney

After having covid my immune system was down and I was experiencing high blood pressure. Dr. Leanne was quick & efficient in putting a protocol together that got me back on my feet. My hope is that everyone will utilize Dr. Leanne as part of their health care arsenal. I highly recommend including her care not only in crisis but as prevention. I am grateful for her presence here in North Texas.

Robin Gregory, DC, McKinney

I’m thankful for Dr. Leanne! She is an answer to my prayers. She is helping with healing my body and removing the toxicity from the metals in my mouth. I highly recommend her, there’s so much we need to learn about healing in natural ways.

Angel M. , McKinney

Dr. Leanne and her healing methods are great. I’ve had a tooth issue for years (a subtle but disturbingly persistent sore place above a tooth), and she has resolved it in about 5 weeks. That’s remarkable :-). Also, she can tell you if your mountain of vitamins are truly needed by your particular body or not. That in itself is extremely worthwhile – no more guessing! Thank you, Dr. Leanne!

Susie, W

I have been seeing naturopathic doctors and doing natural therapies for the past 20 years, and my appointments with Dr. Leanne have been excellent! It has been my experience that while allopathic (and even some naturopathic) doctors tend to focus on symptom management, Dr. Leanne seeks to heal from a truly holistic approach. I recently went to see her for some work/stress related digestive and anxiety issues, and I found much relief on her protocol. Using the very accurate EAV testing and her knowledge of holistic health, she gave me recommendations which included diet/lifestyle changes, supplements, and even emotional support and encouragement! After only about 1-2 months, my IBS/nausea and energy levels have seen much improvement, and my persistent hand and arm eczema is completely gone! I hope to continue seeing improvement in the coming months as we focus on my gut health and removing toxins. Thank you, Dr. Leanne, for helping me through some intense life circumstances!

David, Clovis, NM