The Mouth Mirrors what’s going on in the body.  We are made up of 50 % cells and 50 % bacteria.  When there is an imbalance in the microbiome, it looks like bacteria, virus, stress, and inflammation.  If it shows up in the mouth it is evident on the tongue, gums, teeth and possible infection is active.  In the gut it looks like: leaky gut, digestive issues, absorption issues, low energy, allergies and more.

Bacteria on the tongue, means bacteria in the gut so inflammation increases and immunity decreases.  To prevent cavities from bacteria in the mouth, it is important to stay hydrated, the body functions best when hydrated.  It eliminates cavities because bacteria doesn’t have an environment to survive in.

To boost immunity, aim for an anti- inflammatory lifestyle. The first line of defense is food, try a program that meets your needs like Paleo, Mediterranean, Keto or Intermittent Fasting. This is recommended for anybody that is Non Celiac Gluten Sensitive, has food allergies, auto-immune, etc.  The body is intelligent and works to self heal and regulate. The body strives toward health and wellness.

Please listen to the Youtube video for tips and supplements to boost immunity and keep the oral cavity healthy and optimized.